The collection

Teckningsmuseet’s collection includes over 20 500 drawings, from the 1700s and onwards, with emphasis on the 1900s. In the museum’s collection there’s drawings from Ritarakademien (the Academy of Dnrawing) in the 1750s, drawings by Egron Lundgren from the Seapoy Rebellion in 1858, drawings from Halmstadgruppen (The Halmstad Group), Ragnar Sandberg, Cecilia Torudd, Jockum Nordström, Albert Engström and many more. It’s hard to know where to stop…

The foundation “Teckningsmuseet i Laholm”, which is independent of the municipality, is responsible for the museum’s collection. It is also the foundation that owns the collection and lends it for display at the museum. Most drawings are either donated by the artist herself/himself or relatives. To be represented in the museum’s collection you require the approval of Böllerupakademin’s (The Böllerup Academy) donation comittee.

The drawings in the collection are not for sale.

The museum has also a unique collection of art reviews from the provincial press. It is nowadays in a database, making it possible to trace artists that sometimes are difficult to find information about.


Do you want to donate? Contact Teckningsmuseet and send us pictures and information by e-mail.

“Drawing artists from Halland”

In 1998 The Museum of Drawings published the book “Drawing artist from Halland” (Halländska tecknare)

Halland’s artists

The Museum of Drawins have a rich assortment of works in their archives and between 1998-2000 all the works were categorized into the following groups:

Image Artists and Aculptors

Now living and those archived

Church Painters

Tapestry and Peasantry Art Work

Group Works

Temporary artists in Halland

Artists who during a period shorter than 5 years, lived in Halland have been included because of either their effect on the artistry of Halland, or because of Halland’s effect on them.

In the documentation artists who uses textile as means of expression have been included, but not those who work with glas, metal, earthenware or photo.