Klara Kristalova / Joakim Ojanen / Ragnar Persson

26 oktober–9 februari 2020
Fritt inträde

In this exhibition you will meet three internationally acclaimed Swedish artists, who with great sense for their material create highly personal and emotionally strong worlds. All three have found their distinctive expression through a kind of experiment-seeking independence. In the exhibition you will see both their drawings and their ceramic sculptures. It will be an exclusive meeting that highlights something fragile and different and dark, but also with sympathy and humor explores all the nuances of life.

Klara Kristalova (b. 1967)

I stallet / In the Stable, 2016

Hästflickan om natten / The Horse Girl at Night, 2016

Joakim Ojanen (b. 1985)

What a great specimen! Wanna follow me home? 2018

Sitting Boy with Cloud Shirt and Wine Bottle Vase, 2018

Ragnar Persson (b. 1980)