Roj Friberg – Environments and landscapes

12 februari–29 maj 2022
Free admission

Roj Friberg (1934–2016) was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, and studied at Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg. He lived for many years in Veddige in Halland county and was one of Sweden’s most distinctive artists. Friberg’s art is usually characterized by a dark tone. Many images exude dystopia, decay and a nightmare-like atmosphere, but he himself described his artworks as beautiful and that beauty is most important. The drawings also carry a compassion for the wild nature.

Friberg drew, painted, sculpted and worked as a set designer. In his art, he often criticized those in power and he had a strong commitment to environmental issues. Friberg developed many personal techniques in his artistry. In his drawings, he could colour the entire surface with graphite, often on transparent paper, and then “rub” the details out with a cotton bud or eraser. The motifs are characterized by a strangely realistic sharpness which, together with the dull and dreamy dark atmosphere, gives a strong and distinctive expression. In the exhibition, we see drawings from Teckningsmuseet’s and Halland Art Museum’s collections, whose motifs revolve around nature. Most of the artworks are not so dark in their character, and shows a brilliant handling of the light.