What do you discover if you take a different path? It can be physical experiences that generates new encounters with, for example, trees, buildings, animals and people. It can also mean that you choose a different path in thought and see things from a different point of view, which may make you understand something or someone you did not understand before.

An artist can choose new ways to create images and through form open up another narrative, such as describing something you have seen or felt with new words. Each picture is a unique composition of characters and signs that have never taken shape before – like a text where the words take place in a completely new order.

In this exhibition, we have looked for dreamy, enigmatic and story-telling images. The vision is to create odd encounters, which can possibly break and enrich the viewer’s thought paths. Taking a different path than usual can help us understand the world a little better, at least sometimes.

Participating artists:

Lillian Bartholdsson, Walter Bengtsson, Veronica Berndtson, Karl-Erik Boman, Dora Bruhn, Ann-Marie Didoff, Leif Ericson, Anita Fröding, Agneta Geijer, Kjell Hobjer, Peter Jacoby, Kim Johansson, Bernt Jonasson, Barbro Jönsson, Lennart Landqvist, Oskar Lindberg, Christina Lindh, Sven Ljungberg, Kamila Lukaszewicz, Endre Nemes, Britt Louise Sundell Nemes, Lise-Lotte Nielsen, Per Olof Nilsson, Else Nordenhem, Ingemar Persson, Berndt Petterson, Emma Rosendahl, Uno Stallarholm, Gerald Steffe, Katja Tukiainen, Eva Kristina Yourstone, Lis Zwick.

(Artwork: Katja Tukiainen)