TIME – Drawings from the museum’s collection

1 juni–29 september 2019
Fritt inträde

A drawing is not just a picture that presents what the illustrator has seen or felt. It is a picture of the time that elapsed when the drawing was created. The presence of the time is particularly evident in the art of drawing. It is characterized by directness rather than repetition and editing. Even the erased can bear traces of what has been. We all know how it feels to draw a line with a pen. That experience gives us some idea of the drawing’s intrinsic time. Artists are often asked how long time it has taken them to make a work of art. We are fascinated by the things that has taken a long time. Perhaps because we all have a limited amount of time on earth. At the same time, the artist usually experiences a state of concentration and involvement which makes the time go fast, or makes it feel irrelevant. There is a meditative aspect of drawing: the precise lines call for calm and concentration. But the drawing can also be quick and direct, with a great force in the lines, and give another type of involvement in an equal level of characterized presence. In any case, the drawing is not only a means of achieving a result, but also a state of mind. When we see a drawing, the time becomes clear and graspable. Several hours of drawing will give a visible and concrete result. The time is materialized.

In the exhibition you will see works by: Johan Björkegren, Björn Brusewitz, Tommy Carlsson, Anders Didoff, Ann-Mari Didoff, Hans Fagerström, Roj Friberg, Sven O Hamlet, Aleksandra Kucharska, Göran Segergren, Gustaf Skoglund, Sara Wallgren