Drawing studio


The drawing studio is open for drop-in, but please keep distance to others. The studio is located on the lower floor and is open every day of the week.

On the weekends, we arrange artist-led workshops, for all ages. Welcome!


February 19–20: Botanical drawing
February 26–27: Print patterns with plants and vegetables
March 5–6: Build your own three-dimensional forest
March 12–13: Paint trees, shrubs and other formations by blowing ink
March 19–20: We draw funny characters inspired by microorganisms
March 26–27: Draw fashion illustration with flowers/plants/feathers etc.
April 2–3: Nature-themed pop-up photos
April 9: Re:make workshop with Isabelle McAllister (Note! Pre-registration required, info@teckningsmuseet.se or 0430-154 51.)
April 10: Printing experiment with waltz on different materials
April 11–12: “How are you?” Workshop with the artist Ninia Sverdrup (Note! Pre-registration required, info@teckningsmuseet.se or 0430-154 51.)
April 13–17: Easter holiday workshop: “Massive patterns”
April 23–24: Create beautiful patterns by printing with watercolor and plants
April 30–May 1: Create art through an eraser etc.
May 7–8: Create figures and patterns with ink and paper folding
May 14–15: Sprinkle, spray and cut, create images with a stencil
May 21–22: “Hammer flowers” ​​and create natural images
May 28–29: Make moving animals out of paper