Autumn Holiday Workshop

28 okt–3 nov
Fritt inträde

Come down to our drawing studio and make your own hand doll! We take inspiration from the autumn’s exhibition with drawed and sculpted characters. We are also inspired by hand puppets from the world of puppetry. Puppetry already existed in ancient Egypt, about 5000 years ago. In Europe, it became big in the 16th century – when puppetry was used for teaching the Bible or play simple stories and improvisations about certain characters from commedia dell’arte, for example Harlequin. Today puppetry, or puppet theater, is available in many different forms and shapes.

Days and times: 28 Oct–1 Nov 10:00–16:00, 2 Nov–3 Nov 12:00–15:30.
NOTE! Groups with more than 5 people must pre-register one day before at 0430-154 51 or