Tommy Sveningsson

12 february–29 may 2022
Free admission

Euphrasia is a genus in the family of a semi-parasitic flowering plant with the Swedish name »ögontröst« (»eye comfort«). The name derives from the plant’s former use for eye disorders. »Eye comfort« is also something that visual art can be for a viewer. In his art, Tommy Sveningsson searches for models in the subjective experience […]

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19 feb, 5 mars, 19 mars, 2 april, 16 april, 30 april, 14 maj, 28 maj klockan 14.00.

Roj Friberg – Environments and landscapes

12 February–29 May 2022
Free admission

Friberg’s art is usually characterized by a dark tone. Many images exude dystopia, decay and a nightmare-like atmosphere, but he himself described his artworks as beautiful and that beauty is what’s most important. The drawings also carry a compassion for the wild nature. Roj Friberg (1934–2016) was one of Sweden’s most distinctive artists. He was […]

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9 FEB, 5 MAR, 19 MAR, 2 APR, 16 APR, 30 APR, 14 MAY, 28 MAY AT 14:00 (2 PM).

ART’S FUN! – visual mischiefs by Lasse Åberg

18 juni–25 september 2022

This summer we have the pleasure of exhibiting drawings and graphic productions of the all-around artist Lasse Åberg. Lasse Åberg, born in 1940 in Hofors, is a legend in Swedish entertainment and the creator of hugely popular films such as Repmånad (1979) and Sällskapsresan (1980) and the pop group Electric Banana Band. As an artist, […]