Shades of existence

26 oktober–9 februari 2020
Fritt inträde

Exhibition with the contemporary artists Klara Kristalova (b. 1967), Joakim Ojanen (b. 1985) and Ragnar Persson (b. 1980).


(Drawing studio)

26 oktober–9 februari 2020
Free admission

Coal is an ancient drawing technique whose matte velvety black surface can hold many different expressions and temperatures. The artist can create expressive images with strong strokes, dusting of carbon fragments, but the material also invites to a soft drawing with thin, smooth lines, dizzying fogs and diffuse shapes. The exhibition is shown in the […]

Drawn to the line

Petra Börner | Annelie Carlström

22 Feb–17 May 2020

Exhibition with the Swedish artists Petra Börner (b. 1973) and Annelie Carlström (b. 1979). Petra Börner is a Swedish artist and illustrator who lives and works in London. At the core of her work lies a passion for drawing. Today she is perhaps best known for her expressive and timeless paper collage and pattern designs. […]

Guidade visningar
29 Feb, 14 March, 28 March, 11 April, 25 April, 9 May at 14:00