Josefin Lindskog – Do you see me now

27 March–30 May 2021
Fritt inträde

Josefin Lindskog, born in 1980 in Stockholm, works as an artist, costume designer, set designer and art educator. She often works with textiles and clothes in her art and drawings, but also more tangible in sculptural works where she creates objects from clothes that she or relatives have worn. Her art has an autobiographical starting […]

Hardy Strid’s 50s – drawn modernism

27 March–30 May 2021
Free admission

Hardy Strid (1921–2012), born in Haverdal, Halmstad, was a Swedish painter, illustrator, graphic artist and glass artist. He was one of the initiators of Teckningsmuseet (The Museum of Drawings). In his youth, he painted works inspired by The Halmstad Group’s surrealism, and later also came to be impressed by Dadaism. Between 1947 and 1952, Strid […]

The museum opens again!

Saturday, March 27

On Saturday, March 27, we open for visitors again! We are extremely happy about that – it has been a long wait, almost five months to be exact. We have set a maximum limit of 15 visitors at a time, so that everyone can feel safe and keep their distance without problems. However, the café […]

Swedish fashion drawing 1920–2020

19 juni–26 september 2021

The Museum of Drawings offers a fashionable journey through the history of Swedish fashion drawing from 1920 until today. With in-depth texts, original drawings and printings we explore 100 years of Swedish fashion drawing. (Illustrator: Cecilia Carlstedt) Fashion: Surface with depth – Halland 2021 This exhibition is part of the regional collaboration »Fashion: Surface with […]

Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane

Artist in residence / Exhibition

October 2021

In 2021, the two Canadian artists Matt Shane and Jim Holyoak will come to Laholm to live and work for three weeks.