Linda Holmer – Arches

Februari 17–May 26
Fritt inträde

Linda Holmer (born 1971) is an artist, illustrator, and writer based in Gothenburg. In her drawings, she explores the act of drawing as a state, a way of seeing, and being present. Drawing is a means for her to connect with the environment, with others, and with the body. Holmer doesn’t consider her art to […]

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24 feb, 9 mars, 23 mars, 6 april, 20 april, 4 maj, 18 maj kl. 14.00

Olivier Herdies

Februari 17–May 26, 2024
Free admission

Olivier Herdies (1906–1993) was a Belgian-Swedish artist and poet, born in Brussels. After World War I, the family settled in an old house with a large, overgrown garden. The wild nature became a sanctuary for Olivier, inspiring him to start writing poems. The exhibition’s title, »Living one’s own life«, is taken from one of his […]

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24 FEB, 9 MARS, 23 MARS, 6 APRIL, 20 APRIL, 4 MAJ, 18 MAJ KL. 14.00