Mander at Teckningsmuseet

1 juni–29 september
Fritt inträde

Martin ”Mander” Ander (b. 1976) is active as an illustrator and graphic designer, with roots in Stockholm’s graffiti- and skateboard scene. Today he lives in Gnesta and works internationally with skateboard design as well as illustrations for books, ads, posters and album covers. Martin has done illustrations for artists such as Håkan Hellström and KRS-One, […]

TIME – Drawings from the museum’s collection

1 juni–29 september 2019
Fritt inträde

A drawing is not just a picture that presents what the illustrator has seen or felt. It is a picture of the time that elapsed when the drawing was created. The presence of the time is particularly evident in the art of drawing. It is characterized by directness rather than repetition and editing. Even the […]

Shades of existence

26 oktober–9 februari 2020

Exhibition with the contemporary artists Klara Kristalova (b. 1967), Joakim Ojanen (b. 1985) and Ragnar Persson (b. 1980).