Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg

9 september–7 januari
Fritt inträde

During the fall/winter we are pleased to show Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg’s (1915–2002) art. Her drawings leave no one indifferent. With blackness and seriousness she draws a world where nothing seems to be there by chance. She portrays the wildly wildness of the plant kingdom and shows its power and degradation. The images contain both sharp […]

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LÖRDAGAR: 16 september, 30 september, 14 oktober, 28 oktober, 11 november, 25 november, 9 december.

From the collection: Halland Darkness

9 september - 7 januari
Fritt inträde

The exhibition “From the collection: Halland Darkness” shows works by Roj Friberg, Olle Agnell and Bernt Jonasson. Darkness, old age, sorrow and gloominess are portrayed, but also life and death. Teckningsmuseet has chosen a few works by each artist that represent their unique imagery. Picture: © Roj Friberg BUS/2017

State Of Mind

LOVE LUNDELL/JOHAN BJÖRKEGREN samt teckningar från samlingen

20 jan - 20 maj

More information to come!