Drawn to the line

Petra Börner | Annelie Carlström

22 Feb–17 May 2020
Free admission

Petra Börner and Annelie Carlström both work with a focused expression that is characterized by a strong sense of the craft and the material. With great sensitivity, they explore subjects that revolve around man and nature. Their stylistically different universes have a similar intensity that complements and enriches each other. The exhibition features a wide […]

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29 Feb, 14 March, 28 March, 11 April, 25 April, 9 May at 14:00

A moment on earth – portraits from the museum’s collection

22 feb–17 may
Fritt inträde

It is difficult to imagine a civilization without images of people. We see ourselves through others and learn to decode both present and past. A portrait is a representation of a human being – a kind of evidence that the person in question has existed for a moment on earth. In the self-portrait, we can […]

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29 feb, 14 march, 28 march, 11 april, 25 april, 9 may at 14:00