9 september–7 januari

Guided tours LÖRDAGAR: 16 september, 30 september, 14 oktober, 28 oktober, 11 november, 25 november, 9 december.

The Museum of Drawings 25 years

On June 18, 1992, Scandinavia’s first – and so far only – museum of drawings opened in Laholm’s old Town Hall at Stortorget. Over the years the collection of drawings grew and the museum became increasingly overcrowded. Fifteen years later, 2007, Teckningsmuseet moved to Hästtorget and re-opened inside Laholm’s old fire station, which had been rebuilt and extended. Since […]

Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg

9 september–7 januari
Fritt inträde

During the fall/winter we are pleased to show Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg’s (1915–2002) art. Her drawings leave no one indifferent. With blackness and seriousness she draws a world where nothing seems to be there by chance. She portrays the wildly wildness of the plant kingdom and shows its power and degradation. The images contain both sharp […]

Guidade visningar
LÖRDAGAR: 16 september, 30 september, 14 oktober, 28 oktober, 11 november, 25 november, 9 december.

From the collection: Halland Darkness

9 september - 7 januari
Fritt inträde

The exhibition “From the collection: Halland Darkness” shows works by Roj Friberg, Olle Agnell and Bernt Jonasson. Darkness, old age, sorrow and gloominess are portrayed, but also life and death. Teckningsmuseet has chosen a few works by each artist that represent their unique imagery. Picture: © Roj Friberg BUS/2017

Art at Cinema Maxim: Bosch and his strange world

Biograf Maxim

28 september 18:00
150 kr (130 kr för medlemmar i Teckningsmuseets vänner)

Due to the fact that it was 500 years since Hieronymus Bosch died, the exhibition “Hieronymus Bosch – Genius Vision” was arranged at Het Noordbrabants Museum. Now the cinema audience can experience the exhibition from first parquet. Ticket: 150 SEK (130 SEK for members of the organization The friends of Teckningsmuseet). Location: Cinema Maxim, at […]

Workshop: A creative way to make animation with sound


21 oktober 12:00-17:00
150 kr (föranmälan krävs)

Working with motion to sound is central to all animation styles. The workshop is led by the British sculptor and animator Ross Winning. Pre-registration is available at tel. 0430-154 51 or Price: 150 SEK (Arranged in cooperation with Filmresurscentrum i Halland).