Swedish fashion illustration 1920–2020

19 June–26 September 2021

Digital material

On this page, we collect digital material for those who want to take part of the museum’s exhibitions and educational activities from home. More material will come, so stay tuned!

Swedish fashion illustration 1920–2020

19 June–26 September 2021
Fritt inträde

The Museum of Drawings offers a fashionable journey through the history of Swedish fashion illustration from 1920 until today. With texts, original drawings and printings we explore 100 years of Swedish fashion illustration. Fashion illustration is a ubiquitous art form that assumes a varied range of expressions. The drawings in this exhibition not only channel […]

Fashion: Surface with depth – Halland 2021

In 2021, across thirteen different locations and various exhibition periods, the world of fashion is explored in the county project »Fashion: Surface with depth – Halland 2021« (Mode: Yta med djup – Halland 2021). The project includes, among other things, our exhibitions »Do you see me now« by Josefin Lindskog and »Swedish fashion drawing 1920–2020«. […]

18th century fashion pictures in Sweden

1 september 17.30

Digital lecture by Patrik Steorn | New fashion products circulated rapidly in Europe as early as the 18th century. A global media – and fashion-oriented popular culture was established, which was characterized by the taste and consumption patterns of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie. This lecture is about French fashion posters and English fashion caricatures […]

Drawing studio


The drawing studio is open for drop-in, but a maximum of 8 people can stay in the room at the same time. The studio is located on the lower floor and is open every day of the week.