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30 Sep–15 Oct

Våga (Dare)

»VÅGA« (Dare) is an interactive workshop that takes place in the museum’s first room 2–17 October (lead by local artists 5–6 October and 12–13 October). During this period, the museum’s visitors will build a work of art. We work with the theme “dare” and together we create a changing art installation with wood and paper. […]

Vernissage: Shades of existence

26 oktober 12:00–16:00
Fritt inträde

Vernissage for the exhibition with Klara Kristalova, Joakim Ojanen and Ragnar Persson. Opening speech at 2 pm by Jeanette Steinsland, curator and manager of Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm.

Artist led workshops

Hösten/vintern 2019
Fritt inträde

Artist led workshops autumn/winter 2019: (Weekends) 24–25 Aug: Pop-up art 31 Aug–1 Sept: Drawing mobiles 7–8 Sep: Build houses 21–22 Sep: Make your own book (bookbinding) 28–29 Sep: Flowers 2 Oct–17 Oct: ”VÅGA”. Interactive creative workshop in the museum’s first room. (Manned with artist 5–6 Oct and 12–13 Oct) 28 Oct–3 Nov: Autumn Holiday Workshop […]