Spelling Errors

21 October 18:00
Free admission

Swedish-Austrian band. This time with Stefan Wegenkittl, keyboard, Selma Sedelius, vocals and accordion, Jan Eriksson, drums, Carl Persson, percussion and Hugo Palmsköld, electric guitar. The band plays music in the borderland between jazz and rock and with improvisational elements. Sometimes with unexpected elements, such as Selma and Hugo’s newly released vinyl single “Dans på Brännö […]

Workshop with Mattias Olsson

Oct 17 13:00–16:00
Free admission

Book cover workshop with the Swedish illustrator and artist Mattias Olsson. Pre-registration is required at 0430-154 51 or info@teckningsmuseet.se

Lines for Lage

11 Nov 18:30
Free admission

Per Thornberg – jazz musician and art historian tells the story about the Swedish artist Lage Lindell and his ”Lindell Jazz”. Lage Lindell (1920–1980) was born 100 years ago, but his art is timeless and still relevant. A lecture with live music.

Guided tours

Drawn to the line

Petra Börner | Annelie Carlström

25 April, 9 May, 13 June, 4 July, 18 july, 1 Aug, 15 Aug, 29 Aug at 14:00
Free admission