(Note! Drawing studio closed March 6, March 11 from 15.00, March 15, March 23 12.00–14.00, April 8 from 15.00, April 22 from 15.00, May 6 from 15.00, May 11 12.00–14.00.)

March 16–17: Create Animated Film

(Held in conjunction with the Swedish Film Days in Laholm.)

Try stop motion animation! We’ll come up with a short story, create characters and backgrounds, and then film using an iPad and camera. Drop-in (some waiting time may occur). Please bring a USB stick or an email address to save your film.

April 20–21: Zentangle, Draw Patterns with Your Hand as a Frame

Experience the meditative and relaxing technique of Zentangle. We draw different sections with patterns within the frame traced by our hand.

May 4–5: Watercolor Painting with Blooms and Salt

We paint with watercolors, experiment, and create flowing shapes using color, water, and salt.

May 18–19: Notan, Japanese Paper Art

Notan is a Japanese paper art where we draw patterns in black and white and cut out the design. Notan focuses on the balance between light and darkness.