How can we live more climate-smart and make more sustainable choices in our everyday lives? Is it possible to participate in acitivities that don’t have a negative impact on our nature and environment? This spring, Teckningsmuseet and the public libraries in Laholm invite you to an exciting and varied programme where the common denominator is nature, recycling and sustainability. Take part in exhibitions, lectures and workshops that may raise thoughts about how we as individuals can make choices that reduce our impact on nature and the environment.

Exhibitions at The Museum of Drawings

Tommy Sveningsson
12 February–29 May

»Roj Friberg–enviroments and landscapes«
12 February–29 May

Guidad tours:
19/2, 5/3, 19/3, 2/4, 16/4, 30/4, 14/5, 28/5 at 14.00.

Artist led workshops at The Museum of Drawings

May 7–8: Create figures and patterns with ink and paper folding
May 14–15: Sprinkle, spray and cut, create images with a stencil
May 21–22: “Hammer flowers” ​​and create natural images
May 28–29: We make moving animals out of paper

Invasive species – what is it?

March 30, 14.00–15.00, at the Town library in Laholm. Fri entrance. Laholm Municipality’s planning ecologist Rebecka Thise talks about invasive species and how they affect biodiversity.

Artist in residence – ”Between the rains” 

During twelve weeks, from May 23rd until Oct 30th 2022, the residency (*) ”Between the rains” takes place in the municipalities of Laholm and Varberg simultaneously.

The artists Jan Carleklev and Pia Rönicke will be working in the municipality of Laholm. Jan Carleklev from Braås primarily uses sound as artistic material. His background in music and performing arts often shine through in his work. Carleklev invites co-actors from nature into his recordings, such as insects and woodpeckers. He imagines insects, fish or plants as co-actors in Laholm, but he may also encourage rain and mud to speak and sing. Pia Rönicke from Copenhagen (Denmark) works with film, print, sculptures and objects. An important part of her method is various levels of gathering; personal, ethical and political. She picks and preserves plants between sheets of newspaper. In Laholm, she aims to take a closer look at how the river Lagan is interlaced with the surrounding areas.

”Between the rains” is based on the concept of ”Ecological literacy” – how we observe and understand the significance of ecological interactions – and explores how artistic processes can be involved with and enter into dialogue with present discussions about environment, post­-humanist concepts about interspecies affinity, and urgent demands for social change. The name ”Between the rains” symbolizes climate disturbances and the altered water flows that we face. It is in the pause between the rains we might still have time to act.

Public encounters of various sorts will be hosted continuously throughout the residency period. Read more at

(*) A residency is when an artist or group of artists are invited to a locality or institution to live and work during a period of time.)