Welcome to Teckningsmuseet in Laholm

Teckningsmuseet is the only museum of drawings in the Nordic countries. We do exhibitions of both Nordic and international artists, as well as exhibitions from our own collection. The museum’s ambition is to highlight the art of drawing, and act as a forum for new trends and historical flashbacks alike. Furthermore, we arrange various workshops, lectures and concerts, as well as educational activities for schools.

A visit to The Museum of Drawings is quite an architectural experience. The museum is situated in Laholm’s old fire station, which has gotten a modern and exciting extension, facing the river Lagan.

At the museeum’s lower level, you’ll find Laholm’s Pottery Museum and a drawing studio open to the public. Back in the day, the riverbanks and fine potter’s clay turned Laholm into one of the country’s most prominent potter’s towns. At the museum you’ll find a permanent exhibition of Laholmskeramik (pottery from Laholm) from the 20th century, alongside other temporary exhibitions.

Feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee at our café while visiting us! Furthermore, why not complete the visit with some browsing in our shop by the reception desk? We offer a wide selection of art supplies and books.

Photo above: Linus Lundberg / The Museum of Drawings 2013