Björn Berg – life as a drawing artist

18 February–28 May 2023
Free admission

Björn Berg (1923–2008) was a Swedish cartoonist, painter, graphic artist, illustrator and sculptor. To the general public, he is perhaps best known as the illustrator of Astrid Lindgren’s books about Emil in Lönneberga and Alf Prøysen’s books about Teskedsgumman (“the teaspoon lady”). In the spring of 2023 – the year Berg would have turned 100 – we will show a selection of drawings and illustrations from his long career. More information to follow.

Björn Berg visar upp en inramad illustration på Emil i Lönneberga. Bilden är tagen på 1970-talet.
Björn Berg, holding a framed illustration of Astrid Lindgren’s Emil in Lönneberga – a children’s book icon known to several generations of kids (and parents) in Sweden.