Linda Holmer – Arches

Februari 17–May 26
Fritt inträde

Linda Holmer (born 1971) is an artist, illustrator, and writer based in Gothenburg. In her drawings she explores the act of drawing as a state, a way of seeing, and being present. Drawing is a means for her to connect with the environment, with others, and with the body. Holmer doesn’t consider her art to be specifically about herself but rather about the essence of being human and the nature within us. She investigates, processes, and marvels, listening to the sounds in her surroundings and extending her presence to the source of the sound. She senses the experience of the body and how the surroundings influences it. This becomes a form of enhanced presence, a kind of meditation rooted in the line. Holmer also collaborates with others in communal drawing sessions, sometimes outdoors. In these sessions, a connection with and between other people arises. With open-minded receptivity and wonder, the drawings take shape. Later, she revisits and processes the drawings, weaving together all these »voices« in a visual dialogue.

The drawings in the exhibition »Arches« were mainly created during the pandemic in 2021, stemming from a sense of isolation and loneliness, directed towards communication and connection. Linda Holmer also works as a picture book creator and a teacher at HDK-Valand (The Academy of Art and Design) in Gothenburg. As a picture book creator, she is particularly interested in the spaces in between words and images, words and body language, and the book and the reader.