Pop life

15 October–29 January 2023
Free admission

(Swedish subtitles)

This autumn/winter is an excellent opportunity to experience contemporary European drawing, when Teckningsmuseet shows the international group exhibition Pop Life. Focus lies on depictions of humans with reference to different types of media and popular culture. We meet an exciting diversity of artistic expressions, from large colourful depictions of figures to small black-and-white drawings in long series, from snapshots from the world of film to collage-like drawings filled with references. The exhibition locates itself at the nexus between high and low culture and examines the extent to which the language of popular culture and its subject matter prevails in contemporary figurative drawing today.

The exhibition features works by artists Marcel van Eeden (Netherlands), Euan Gray (Great Britain), Paul McDevitt (Germany), Charlotte Schleiffert (Netherlands), Rinus Van de Velde (Belgium), Sandra Vásquez de la Horra (Germany) och Witte Wartena (Netherlands). The exhibition is curated by Euan Gray and Witte Wartena and will tour to Amsterdam in 2023 and Edinburgh in 2024.

Charlotte Schleiffert
Charlotte Schleiffert, Lady Gaga, 2016.
Euan Gray
Euan Gray, Actors Portraying Van Gogh.
Marcel van Eeden
Marcel van Eeden, Zigmund’s Machine.
Paul McDevitt
Paul McDevitt, Note to Self: 19 January 2020.
Rinus Van de Velde
Rinus Van de Velde, They call him the wall of the village.
Sandra Vásquez de la Horra
Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, La Muerte se apronta, 2012.
Witte Wartena
Witte Wartena, Parents.