Welcome to the opening of »Bajt // Heiska« on June 17, 12.00–16.00. Opening at 13.00 with a talk with the artists. On the same day, the exhibition »Elsie Landström – drawings from the museum’s collection« opens. The exhibition shows drawing pads by Landström (b. 1931) from the museum’s collection, mainly from the 1950s.

July 1, July 15, August 12, August 26, September 9 at 14.00. (Swedish) and 15.00 (English). Free admission.

Record year for the museum

Swedish Christmas calendars and Lasse Åberg’s visual mischiefs contributed to another visitor record for Teckningsmuseet (The Museum of Drawings) in Laholm.

Last fall, we released the news that the summer exhibition “ART’S FUN – visual mischiefs by Lasse Åberg” became the most visited in the museum’s history. After this winter’s popular (and still ongoing) exhibition of Christmas calendars for Swedish public radio and television, it is now clear that the museum also broke its previous annual record. 33,102 visitors were the final result for 2022, which is well above the old record of around 25,000.

– We suspected early on that the legend Lasse Åberg would break the record for a single exhibition, but that the Christmas calendar exhibition would become so popular was actually a surprise. It has been full of people here almost all winter, says Frida Talik, artistic director at Teckningsmuseet.

Linus Hertley-Lundberg is communication director at the museum and he reacted to the unusually large interest from the press and media:

– The attention the exhibition with the Christmas calendars generated is like nothing else we have experienced here. We were in the news on Swedish public service television and radio, commercial radio station Mix Megapol, and local papers HP and LT. A fantastic impact.

“Christmas calendars for Swedish radio and television 1958–2021” and the European group exhibition “Pop Life” are on display until January 29. The next exhibition, “Björn Berg – life as a drawing artist”, opens on February 18.

30th Anniversary

On June 18, 2022, the museum celebrated its 30th anniversary in connection to the vernissage for »ART’S FUN! – visual mischiefs by Lasse Åberg«.

The history of the Museum of Drawings in Laholm begins in 1979, when Björn Rosendal – artist, writer and physician from Laholm – got the idea to start an academy for all art forms. Two years later, on 23 June 1981, he founded Böllerupakademien (The Böllerup Academy) with artist Hardy Strid and musician Ingvar Neuman. In the spring of 1983, the idea of a museum for drawings was born. In the name of the Böllerup Academy, Rosendal, Strid and Neuman began collecting artwork for a future museum. They wished to highlight drawings – the nerve in the history of visual art and sculptures.

The foundation “Laholm’s Drawing Museum” was established in 1992 with a board consisting of three representatives from the Böllerup Academy, three from Laholm’s Municipality and one from the Museum of Halmstad. The composition of the board gave the municipality transparency in the work, but (apart from that) the foundation was completely independent.

The Museum of Drawings opened 18 June 1992. We were accommodated in premises assigned by the municipality, in the old Town Hall. Teckningsmuseets vänner, a friendship organization, was formed in October the same year. They’ve had a significant impact on the museum’s business. In the year 2000 we changed our name to Teckningsmuseet in Laholm (The Museum of Drawings in Laholm).

The collection of artworks grew over the years and the museum became increasingly overcrowded. In 2004 the work began to rebuild Laholm’s old fire station into a museum of drawings, which opened 3 March 2007 in our new premises at Hästtorget.


Teckningsmuseet participated in this year’s Book Fair in Gothenburg – the largest cultural event in Scandinavia. Together with the association Svenska Tecknare (Swedish Drawers) we lead an artist talk and also awarded a unique Book Picture Prize to a creator who had a “profound significance for the image as creative and artistic field in book publishing in Sweden”. The Book Picture Prize 2018 went to the Swedish illustrator and author Eva Lindström!

The prize ceremony took place at the Book Fair on Friday, 28 September, in Svenska Tecknare’s stand A02:27. The award consists of a diploma and 10,000 SEK. 

(Photo, Book Fair: Niklas Maupoix. Photo, Eva: Anna Ledin Wirén )

The Museum of Drawings 25 years

On June 18, 1992, Scandinavia’s first – and so far only – museum of drawings opened in Laholm’s old Town Hall at Stortorget. Over the years the collection of drawings grew and the museum became increasingly overcrowded. Fifteen years later, 2007, Teckningsmuseet moved to Hästtorget and re-opened inside Laholm’s old fire station, which had been rebuilt and extended.

Since the re-opening, the museum has focused a bit more on contemporary artists, such as Owe Gustafson, Lovisa Burfitt, Magnus Bard, Ann Böttcher, Sverre Malling (Norway) och Julie Nord (Denmark). For each exhibition, Teckningsmuseet produces a short film about the artist. The purpose is to deepen the experience of the exhibition and in the long run build an art historical film archive. In addition to exhibitions, the museum also offers guided tours, workshops and educational programs for both schools and the general public.

Teckningsmuseet celebrated its 25th Anniversary on May 27, in connection with the vernissage of this summer’s exhibition – “The Great Exhibition of Swedish Illustration 1880–2020”. In addition to speeches and high-class socializing, we honoured the day by arranging two panel discussions about drawing and its history, present and future.

Cheers, Teckningsmuseet, we look forward to the next 25 years!