The studio is located on the lower floor and is always open for visitors of all ages. The workshops are free of charge. Unless we write anything else, the workshops are open for all ages and do not require pre-registration.

Artist-led workshops

September 3–4: We make pictures through monotype, which is a simple printing technique. With inspiration from Lasse Åberg images.
September 10–11: Draw shadows from toys and figures with different colors and techniques.
September 17–18: We draw autumn flowers and leaves.
September 24-25: Create your own cartoon character based on an animal and place it in a story. Learn to draw faces and expressions.
22–23 October: We create images through collage with inspiration from the autumn exhibition “Pop Life”.
November 26-27: Christmas crafts with the quilling technique, which is a way of creating pictures by rolling, folding and gluing shredded paper.
December 17-18: Create pictures with washi tape (decorative tape), stickers and other colorful tape.
January 7-8: Shadow drawing – create abstract images using the shadow of the body.

Autumn holiday

Opening hours: 29–30 October at 12–16. 31 October–4 November at 10–16. 5–6 November at 12–16.

During the autumn holidays, you can come to the museum’s drawing studio and do one of the following:

– Paint or write on your own bag made of recycled cotton (the bag costs 20 SEK).
– Draw small pictures and make your own “pins”, made entirely of 100 % biodegradable material.
– Draw your own postcards
– Draw your own stickers

Drop-in (waiting time may occur). Note! Larger groups must register in advance – call 0430-154 51 or email

Cartoon/drawing workshop with Elias Ericson

Wednesday, November 16 at 17.00–19.00 (coffee/the before, at 16.30). Drawing workshop with cartoonist and writer Elias Ericson. In his series, topics such as LGBTQ and mental health are often touched upon. Elias regularly contributes to the Swedish magazine Galago and he has, for example, published the drawn novels Åror and Diana & Charlie. The workshop is adapted for beginners. Age 13 and up. Free admission. Note! Pre-registration needed to