The history of the Museum of Drawings in Laholm begins in 1979, when Björn Rosendal – an artist, writer and physician from Laholm – got the idea to start an academy for all art forms. Two years later, on 23 June 1981, he founded Böllerupakademien (The Böllerup Academy) with artist Hardy Strid and musician Ingvar Neuman. Böllerup was the name of the area where Rosendal lived. The name is a relic from when Laholm (and all of Halland) belonged to Denmark, and is known today as the Bölarp nature reserve.

In the spring of 1983, the idea of a museum for drawings was born. In the name of the Böllerup Academy, Rosendal, Strid and Neuman began collecting artwork for a future museum. They wished to highlight drawings the historic backbone of visual art and sculptures.

The foundation “Laholm’s Drawing Museum” was established in 1992 with a board consisting of three representatives from the Böllerup Academy, three from Laholm’s Municipality and one from the Museum of Halmstad. The composition of the board gave the municipality transparency in the work, but apart from that the foundation was completely independent.

The Museum of Drawings opened 18 June 1992. Back then we were situated within the old Town hall premises assigned by the municipality. Teckningsmuseets vänner, a friendship organization, was formed in October the very same year. They’ve had a significant impact on the museum’s business. In the year 2000 we changed our name to Teckningsmuseet in Laholm (The Museum of Drawings in Laholm).

Our collection of artworks grew over the years and the museum grew increasingly overcrowded. In 2004 the work began to rebuild Laholm’s old fire station into a museum of drawings, which opened 3 March 2007 in our current premises at Hästtorget.