The municipality of Laholm has run the museum since January 1st 2013. Until then it was run by Halland Art Museum on behalf of Laholm Municipality, and before then it was run by the foundation “Teckningsmuseet i Laholm” (Laholm’s Drawing Museum) until 2009.

The foundation owns the museum’s art collection, generously sharing it with the museum’s purposes. Laholms municipality and Böllerupsakademin (The Böllerup Academy – an association of culturally active people in southern Halland) established the foundation in the early 1990s.

The Foundation Board is composed of three representatives from Laholm’s Municipality, three from the Böllerup Academy and one member from Halland Art Museum. The chairmanship is appointed by Laholm’s Municipality.

The board today:

Emma Rosendal (Chairman), Böllerup Academy,
Agneta Göthesson (vice Chairman), Böllerup Academy,
Hugo Palmsköld, Böllerup Academy,
Kane Bengtsson, Laholm’s Municipality,
Gunbritt Emilsson, Laholm’s Municipality,
Bernt Karlsson, Laholm’s Municipality, and
Magnus Jensner, Halland Art Museum.