Triptych, diptych

15 October–13 November
Free admission

Students from Halland’s Art School show drawings in the museum’s first room 15 October–13 November. The exhibition is called »Triptych, diptych«.

What is Hallands Art School:
Halland’s Art School is a two-year artistic education that offers full-time studies. The education is part of Katrineberg’s Folkhögskola located in Halmstad. Drawing is an obvious part of the education where the students use sketches as a tool and method to shape ideas and projects. We also see drawing as an important independent expression.

The conditions for the drawings:
The first year the students has three so-called “own projects”. What is presented in this exhibition is partly the first task of the year, which is a drawing project. This includes elements such as sketching, testing ideas and composition, and in the final phase they are assigned three papers on which a final triptych must be drawn. The second year is used for an individual in-depth project. The students also participate in a drawing project where they have to create a diptych that join hands with their in-depth project.

The prerequisites for the works are the same for both classes, and the whole group can start the project by searching for information and history about the triptych and diptych.