Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg

9 september–7 januari
Fritt inträde

During the fall/winter we are pleased to show Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg’s (1915–2002) art. Her drawings leave no one indifferent. With blackness and seriousness she draws a world where nothing seems to be there by chance. She portrays the wildly wildness of the plant kingdom and shows its power and degradation. The images contain both sharp naturalistic depiction and metaphorical representations of man and society.

Ann Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg was an author and an artist. She was born in Ulricehamn in 1915, and studied already at the age of seventeen at the Technical School (later called ”Konstfack”) in Stockholm, followed by studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts etching school. She was strongly committed to the struggle for peace and was engaged in many environmental issues. During her life she created a rich production of texts and artworks, published about twenty books and had many exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. She lived in Ljungby for many years with her husband, the artist Sven Ljungberg. Together they founded the Ljungberg Museum.

Ann Margret is represented at the National Museum, Gothenburg Art Museum, the National Gallery in Oslo and many other places around the world. In the exhibition – which houses artworks from the 1930s to today – you will see surrealist depictions, political comments and drawings of nature, all accompanied by her own words.

All artworks are borrowed from the Ljungberg Museum.